Robert is well equipped and experienced, having had over 34 years of experience at a senior level across all aspects of professional risks insurance. His experience includes claims management, underwriting, underwriting guideline development, underwriting management, product development, policy wording drafting, product and technical training of underwriters and intermediaries and much more. The following lists a range of services that Robert either has performed or is more than competent in providing.

eLearning - Professional Developement

Robert has partnered with industry to develop relevant material delivered through a cloud based learning platform. Courses are presented in multi media format and includes multiple choice questions with supportive feedback. The material is in the process of being accredited with several industry bodies.

   · Professional Indemnity - Advanced Buy\Info

   · Professional Indemnity Underwriting - Advanced Buy\Info

   · Professional Indemnity Insurance - An Introduction Buy\Info

   · Claims Made Fundamentals Buy\Info

   · Practice Management - Architecture and the Law Buy\Info

                  Robert Beaton

Insurance Companies

   · Policy wording reviews and re-drafting / updating

   · Underwriting guideline review

   · Underwriting Audits

   · Staff training

   · Claims reviews

   · Expert Witness

Law Firms

   · Expert Witness for claims / policy coverage disputes

   · Policy wording review and drafting assistance

Broking Firms

   · Staff training and mentoring

   · Claims reviews

   · Policy wording reviews

   · Coverage dispute assistance

Professional Associations

   · PI Group Scheme Review

   · PI training

Professional Practices

   · PI Policy Review

   · PI risk and risk management awareness training

   · PI Policy cover and operation training